5th Annual Holocene Mini-Golf Art Invitational

Beginning Last night through Thursday, April 15th, Holocene has been transformed into an adult mini-golf playground for their 5th Annual Mini Golf Art Invitational. I attended opening night as a guest of The Neat Sheet, one of this year’s event sponsors and we had a blast! Josh and I went last year and fell in love with the event. I have to say that our friends, John Larsen and Vicki Lynn Wilson really outdid themselves this year with their design!

{you can see Larsen and Wilson's forest design from a distance}

There were so many details that I tried to capture, like this cute little raccoon, but the place was bustling with people playing mini golf that it was tough to photograph!

{there was an owl high up in the tree too!}

{more perspectives of the cardboard forest design}

Aside from John and Vicki’s design, there were so many other great “courses,” but I only got a few photos to share:

{karen vitt from PDX's The Neat Sheet gets low to finish a Par 3}

{Future Robotic Cat Course}

If you are in Portland, and you have the opportunity to put on your golf gear and head over to Holocene, DO IT! You will have so much fun!

3 thoughts on “5th Annual Holocene Mini-Golf Art Invitational

  1. We went last night. It was so much fun! I liked the cat one, it looked like it was barfing up a futuristic hairball when the golf ball would come rolling down out of it’s mouth. All of the holes there were so great! Uh……that sounded gross…..

  2. Hi there Keely,

    I was wondering if I could use a few of your photos in a piece I’m writing about the Invitational? If you could contact me, that would be great–I think my e-mail address should be listed in the comment.


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