Well hello hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am SO excited to welcome 2011 because (as my friend Jessica put it perfectly), I kicked 2010’s ass on the way out the door, I was so happy to put it behind me.  Although there were some pretty beautiful moments in 2010, it was a year of major transition for me in so many areas of my life so I have to say it is nice to be at the beginning of a year and to feel like I get a fresh start – a clean slate, so to speak. At a new year’s eve party, my friend Cinda asked me what my theme word was for the new year. I had to think about it, but I’ve decided on two words: BELIEVE and CREATE.

I feel like the new year is bringing me restored hope and energy, along with the strength to LET GO and to live more in the moment so I can ENJOY the here and now without getting too caught up in the what if’s and past situations. I will no longer be a victim of circumstance and in 2011 I plan to get lost COMPLETELY in all things creative!

Starting today, I am taking one-on-one photography classes from my friend Amaren Colosi and am really looking forward to it! I’ve been wanting to get a bit more technical about how to use my camera (Nikon D90), so this will be my opportunity to learn from a pro and spend some time with a super cool chic!

You know that feeling when you completely immerse yourself in an activity…when you experience that sense of flow? That is the state I will hope to find myself in on a much more regular basis throughout 2011!

Aside from the creative outlets, 2011 will be bringing us more fun adventures around the globe (or states at least)! This month, we will have a little cold and a little hot; spending some time at Timberline Lodge again with our dear friends Andy and Alicia then off to Maui soon! Have I mentioned how thrilled I am at the idea of lounging poolside and/or  beach side with a good book and maybe even a Mai Tai? Check out our accommodations HERE!  Speaking of books – I just finished reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Luis Zafon and absolutely loved it! Thank you Carolyn for sending it my way! Books are one of my favorite gifts – especially delicious ones like this!

The book is set in Spain, where I have never been and now want to plan a trip as soon as it is feasible! Josh said he is in. We must take advantage of his fantastic schedule (and my new fantastic schedule too!)

Happy New Year everyone! I truly hope this is a year that will bring happiness, good health, and a sense of flow!

8 thoughts on “BELIEVE and CREATE!

  1. Sorry we missed you at New years. It would have been great see you.

    I am with you. 2010 can go bye, bye. I am ready for 2011 and all the changes it is bringing for us. Hopefully some I can share in the next couple of weeks.

    I can’t wait to hear about your photography lessons. That is one thing I wish I could do. I am just not that good at taking photos. Something I hope I can improve upon. The list goes on and on….

  2. Happy 2011, Keely. I hope it brings you much joy and peace.

    Here’s a book recommendation for you: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It is impossibly long (almost 1,000 pages) and has thin pages with tiny print but it is incredibly written and totally addictive.

  3. LOL! I don’t think so Amaren, but thanks for the flattery! It is fun to understand more how to use the manual settings on my camera now! Way more fun to use!!! You are the best! I am looking forward to an adventure photo shoot day when I return! Hugs ;-)

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