The Finished Project!

I have teased and teased about getting photos up of the finished basement. I’ve hesitated because it’s not quite styled yet, but I am working on learning that perfection can take on its own meaning and everything does not have to be “perfect” to be presentable. I am sure this will be a much quicker lesson after having Little Monkey join us soon!

Some of you might recall the construction in our basement that lasted 7 long months – mostly due to lack of time and availability to complete the work. But, it is finally done and my nesting craze has finally passed now that things feel “in order” with a ‘place for everything and everything in its place’ – sort of.

Before Photo of the "Man Cave"

Well, here is the finished product of the same space photographed above:

Our house is a 1923 bungalow and while it wouldn’t work well to decorate with a completely modern style on the main levels of the house, I think remodeled basement spaces in older homes lend themselves to more choices.

This painting, by Ryan Dobrowski, was our inspiration piece for decorating the space. It is hung a bit too high for my taste because at the time the turn table was originally on the table below and the lid needed to open. (Again…letting go of the idea that things have to be perfect). I’d still like to add some more vibrant splashes of color throughout the space to brighten it up some.

Josh devoted a shelf in the entertainment center to display many of Andy Paulson’s gifts and creations he has given to him over the years. I found it to be endearing that he was styling his man cave in this manner.

I got to throw in some touches too! Belle wanted to show you that she was a part of it all too and that she approves of the new space, so she posed for this photo.

On both sides of the room as you enter, are Josh and my desks, with tall shelving attached to each so the office and living space areas can have some kind of dividing marker. His side is much more tidy than mine currently is, so I am showcasing his only.

Now, for the part that I found most exciting out of these renovations — the new walk-in closet. Again, a 1923 bungalow was not built with closet and storage space in mind, so this addition is dreamy for me! I’ve been keeping my clothing in several areas of the house up until now, making getting ready feel a lot more like a workout (marching up and down the different levels of the house to get what I needed).

Before Photo of the Closet Area

Here is the space as it looks now!

Once again, we have Belle’s stamp of approval!

We still need to hang the mirror, and install some hooks, but we are getting very close!

Before I had my side all put together, Jules said Josh looked like he had a rapper’s closet from the show Cribs.

So Josh’s side looks straight out of Cribs, and I’m working on making mine look like its straight out of Sex in the City! Ahhhhhhh…..deep breath. A place for everything and everything in its place….feels so good!

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