Josh played photographer last night with his iPhone, documenting our anniversary outing:

For two whole hours we snuck away while Little Monkey was in good hands back at home.  We wined and dined at Olympic Provisions in SE Portland.

It was delicious!

It was the perfect way to spend the evening together. I felt like we were on a first date. We spent the whole time talking about our hopes and dreams and recalled how much we have been through together already in only nine short years.

I have been thinking a bit about what I’d like my theme words for 2012 to be. For 2011, I chose BELIEVE and CREATE, and I certainly feel that those words became our life this year. For this upcoming year, I am calling on JOY and ABUNDANCE. Does it seem silly to try to manifest something I already feel so much of already?

Perhaps maintaining JOY and ABUNDANCE and being open to continued blessings in our lives is what I am after.

3 thoughts on “JOY and ABUNDANCE

  1. One moment before I ready your blog post I wrote three words for 2012. We need to have another day of mood boards. :)

    Happy anniversary you two! Cheers to many, many happy, joyous and abundant moments. xo

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