Amaren Colosi Photography

Before the holidays, Josh and I decided to schedule a photo session with dear friend and talented photographer, Amaren Colosi. We figured with the arrival of our son in the fall of last year, that all of the grandparents would appreciate professional photos of him for Christmas – complete in digital frames for the grandparents and prints in regular frames for the great grandparents (less complicated).

But, here is the caviat. The night before our session, Little Monkey had a terrible time sleeping (as did we) and was incredibly fussy the next day. When she arrived to the shoot, (with an adorable gift in hand for Monkey no less), Amaren confidently went about cheering him up, managing to snap some really fantastic photos of our little one, including the ones below!






If you are in Portland and have a newborn baby or kids of ANY age, this gal is seriously the baby/kid whisperer and has such a talent of snapping shots that really show off their personalities. If you’re not convinced by the photos above, you MUST visit her website:

We plan to continue photo sessions with Amaren through many stages of Monkey’s development and I hope to share them with you here!

Now, go schedule your session!

2 thoughts on “Amaren Colosi Photography

  1. Oh my dear! These are the cutest photos in the WORLD! Way to make an adorable baby. Can’t wait to meet him!

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