they grow up so fast!

I can hardly believe we are at that stage where we can now look back in disbelief that our little monkey has reached so many milestones over the past 10.5 months since he was born. It feels like only a few short months ago that we brought him home from the hospital.

People said it to us all of the time – “They grow up so fast. Too fast.”

I’ve realized this past year that most of the cliche parent comments came about because they are true.

Since he was born, he has experienced many firsts and reached many milestones: rolling over, crawling, and now…(gasp)…walking and even saying real deal words!

I find myself scratching my head, wondering where the time went. As we play and spend time with him, Josh and I notice how capable Monkey is of doing so many things on his own already. All this time, he has been soaking up his surroundings to show us that he is beginning to understand how things work. I have mixed emotions of feeling so joyous to be discovering his blossoming personality, yet sad that those firsts are behind us now.

But, life is about discovery and this is literally just the beginning.

Playing with his new buddy Julien in the tunnel!

In just over a month, it will be Monkey’s 1st birthday. And as parents, we know a small part of what we will be celebrating is that we made it!

It’s our own milestone.

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