Last Days of Summer

It has been absolutely beautiful out during these past few months. We make a point to get outside daily, but our time together as a full family is often limited due to the way we have had to schedule our respective work calendars so that one of us is always with Little Monkey.

I covet our days as a family of three when we get to explore the world together…

Fitting Monkey into the seat.

Our friends, Ali and Holly, recently gifted us their son’s infant bike seat now that he has outgrown it — the ibert.  Since the time we picked it up last week, we have been anxious to give it a test drive…

Making a few final adjustments before heading out the back gate.

It took some messing around with to make it work with one of Josh’s bikes (needing new handle bars and such), but the minute it was put onto the frame, he took Monkey for a spin up and down our street while I stood on the sidelines  as a proud mama, waving and shouting cheers as they rolled by each time…back and forth, back and forth, up and down the block.

Our trusty sidekick Jelani kept Monkey entertained on the ride as he towed his remote control truck behind his own bicycle. It made me smile and think of the funny random things that Monkey will do like that one day too.

It may have only been a quick test drive, but I have a hunch Monkey is going to enjoy bike rides.

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