Salishan Getaway & Evergreen Aviation Museum

I accidentally posted a teaser picture from my phone of our trip to Salishan last weekend during Glammy and PacMan’s visit to Oregon. Some people emailed me a bit confused. So, here is a full posting of our visit together this past week.

Although traveling with a little one isn’t always easy, we still love being able to get away when we can, and this time around we were able to head out to the coast for a stay at Salishan, which is such a lovely place.

On our first day there, we got out onto their complimentary putting course for a little family fun. Perhaps Monkey found his new favorite sport…

…or at least he enjoyed tending the flags as we putt the course. But then there was the Sand Volleyball court…

…and the Basketaball Court!

Something tells me this boy got his dad’s jeans when it comes to interests in all things sports related. Is it too early to tell at 11 months?

We had absolutely gorgeous coast weather during our stay with clear skies, warm days, sunsets, and starry nights. And one of the greatest gifts is that Josh and I got to have a few hours together each evening while Glammy got Monkey to bed and monitored him through the open door to their adjoining room. What a treat!

It meant an evening cocktail, sliders and truffle fries in the lounge before they closed each night (I am not a french fry person, but those truffle fries were darn good!)

I love when resorts plan their architecture and interior design to blend and compliment the natural and historical beauty of an area. The dark wood of the lodge and rooms allow you to fully take in the landscape. This nautical art was everywhere, along with beautiful wooden sculptures, which I enjoyed.

A room with a view. And a great one at that!

A few days after our stay at Gleneden Beach, Glammy and PacMan came through Portland for a few nights. It was humorous to me that there were two things PacMan wanted to check out while in Oregon. One being an Animal House tour while in Eugene on the University of Oregon campus, which my In-Laws happily took them on, and the other to check out Evergreen Aviation Museum while in Portland…with enough time to get home for the Packers vs. Bears game (hence, his nickname PacMan).
I hadn’t been to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in quite some time. At least, not since they built their water park (Wings and Waves), where you can “jump out of” a 747 located on the roof into their biggest slide, which you can see in the picture below. One of these days, when Monkey is a little older, we will head there. Especially now that he has completed his Angelfish Swim Classes this summer through Portland Parks & Recreation. The great thing for Oregon is that the waterpark is indoor so open year-round!

I like this slightly eerie view of the Wings and Waves 747 taken through the Evergreen Vineyard. Yes. The museum also has a vineyard and my mom and I made sure to enjoy a glass of wine out in the courtyard while PacMan checked out the second building of the museum since he was driving us home.

Have you seen the Spruce Goose, built during World War II by Howard Hughes? That is one BIG BIRD! I can see how it only made it into the air for a mere minute. But, it is definitely a sight to see! Monkey certainly enjoyed checking it out along with the many other planes:

Look at how tiny the tale of that other plane looks up against the nose of the Goose!

Self Guided Toddler Tour

Now that monkey is walking and running everywhere I have my hands full so we probably spent about 2/3 of our time visiting the museum flying a paper plane in the grassy area in front of the main building, which he liked very much!

I cannot believe it but I don’t have one single picture of him with Glammy since I spend much of my focus on the little Monkey!

It was a visit that was short and sweet and I didn’t get the dates right on my calendar so Josh and I didn’t have the days off that we had planned for, but we had a great time when we were all together and I am sure that my mom enjoyed the toddle age with Monkey.

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