What Makes You Different, Is What Makes You Special! What Makes You Weird, Is What Makes You Cool!

The crisp chill of Fall is in there air here and winter will soon be upon us. But the winter gloom isn’t sneaking in at all. There has just been too much to celebrate and to be grateful for!

We’ve recently shared in the celebrations of some big life moments of those we care so much about!  Several friends of ours have welcomed new arrivals into their families, which is always such an exciting time. The addition of one sweet baby girl in particular brought tears of joy to so many who know and love our dear friends Andy & Alicia. We are just beyond thrilled for them!

After our Monkey recently turned one, we can truly appreciate how big a deal that first birthday can be and so I wanted to share our experience attending Hattie Ham’s birthday party a few weeks ago! This whole spread was put together by event planner, Hanna Kane from Everybody’s Invitedwhom I’d gotten to know after she helped me with the  “On the Hunt with Charlie” Scavenger Hunt this year.

Celeste, Craig, and Hattie on Hattie’s First B-day {Photo courtesy of Everybody’s Invited}

As a fellow event planner, I so appreciated the many details that Hanna and her team put together! Seriously! They even had a ham cake. It was fantastic!

A “Ham” cake for Hattie Ham’s 1st B-day {Photo courtesy of Everybody’s Invited website}

Hattie’s daddy, Craig Dennis, who is a long-time friend and has also been a long-time musician with a theatrical background wrote this sweet song for Hattie (in the video below), and performed it at the party.  As a side note, I’ve always thought he’d make a great cast member on SNL.  His wife, Celeste, and I have been scheming a way to get him into the Kindie Rock scene! Here is his bid debut!

Pretty sweet, isn’t it? And, I love the message!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I am so grateful for having fantastic friends and a wonderful family!

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