A Collective Vision Board

Over these past few years, I have put together a few Vision Boards, including my personal visions for the new year, along with the aspirations of others I know who could use some extra prayers and good intentions for something they wanted to have come to pass in the new year as well. I placed cut outs for the depictions of these intentions in a location where I could see them daily and at the end of my morning meditations (something I’ve dropped in the last year after having Monkey and would really like to start up again), I would also go through a map in my mind of all of the people I know that I wanted to send my love to. As my friend Jules taught me, I would literally picture the Earth in my mind and slowly begin making my way around it, stopping off at the various destinations to give my love and good intentions to those people in my life who are both near and very far.

I’ve long been a fan of the power of intention and feel that great things can and have taken place through collective thought. Over the past year, I have witnessed so many wonderful things unfold (large and small triumphs that are equally important to the different people in my life – each which had begun with a focused thought). And with that, I am all about championing not only our own visions, but also those of the people we love!

I am sharing this story with you in hopes to inspire you to get together with friends and family and build Collective Vision Boards together! Here are some simple instructions:

1) Start by putting together your own Vision Board for the new year either by cutting out images in magazines or pasting some of your own photography to a poster board. You can even do this on Pinterest, which makes things fun and simple.

2) Next, select one picture that you think really wraps together the bulk of your overall vision for the new year.

3) Copy that image and share it with your friends and family who are participating in forming a Collective Vision Board – everyone’s Collective Vision Board will be a little different depending upon the network of people in each person’s individual lives who will be participating.

4) Each person participating will them have two boards – one Personal Vision Board, and one Collective Vision Board with people’s names or photos next to each corresponding image.

5) Finally, you will hang the boards you’ve created in a location where you can see it every day and send your intentions out to both your dreams and those of the people you love! If you’ve created your boards on Pinterest, print the boards to hang so you actually look at them daily. 

Happy dreaming dreamers!

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