About Asleep to Dream

“Change your perception and the world will change with it.”

I am, first and foremost, a mama of two beautiful boys “Monkey” and “E” and wife to Josh, who is a dry-humored, humble, uber supportive, German-speaking, guitar-playing, care-taking, whole-hearted family man. These people are my world and I am over-the-moon in love with them.

Second to my family life (immediate, extended, and friends) are my event planning, memory-making, love-shaking hobbies that I pinch myself to be able to call my work.

Throughout my travels, and inward explorations over my many years, I’ve learned pivotal lessons. One of which, was to make the most of every day life – always appreciating the beauty that surrounds me. It’s not just the BIG moments that deserve special attention…it’s the little things that are often overlooked and sometimes considered mundane that actually make up the best memories of our lives.

When I began seeing the beauty in the simple pleasures of life (even during the most difficult times), my life started to open up in ways that I never imagined possible.

I started this blog as that journey began for me and have kept it up as best as I can with kids and work and general busy-ness.

This is Asleep to Dream. Why we live. Why we love.


A Couple of Mentions (thanks!)

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12 thoughts on “About Asleep to Dream

  1. Keely!!! I’m so excited and inspired by your new blogventure!!! Hip hip hooray for moving forward with all that inspires you and drives you! I’m trying to do the same as well and you are certainly giving me that extra motivation to do so!

    Much Love!


  2. Keels, I love your new blog! I had such a nice and (sore in a good way) time doing yoga with you the other day too. Good job painting, when the moment hits, you gotta embrace it! (;

    Love ya,

  3. sweets! what a lovely idea, i can’t wait to read your musings about life, love and happiness. you’re an inspiration. and thanks for the shout out to ponytales! i’m adding yours to my links tomorrow.


  4. Keely, you are an inspiration even without this website. I am so thankful you are in my life. You are one of the kindest and sweetest and most thoughtful people I have ever encountered.

  5. Hi ladypants!! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill! I’ve been off the radar, reading and writing and building my own blog to be like you! I love your writings and musings and YOU! xo-k (as soon as I figure out how to link you to my new page, I’m going to!)

    ps, wait – there is a thing I’m about to write about that I can’t wait to tell you about. A web site where you can write an e-mail to your future self and it will actually be delivered – as late as 2037 if you want!! I know you’re going to want to do this right now, just like me! Here’s the link: http://futureme.org/

  6. NO WAY!!! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard! I am totally going to do that. And, once you write about it, let me know and I will refer to it! XOXO!

  7. You are so incredibly talented Keely! You truly inspire me. I love your recent posting about Valentine’s Day…kindness is contagious. That really spoke to me. THANK YOU!

  8. Wonderful! I’ll have to send my husband your way to shop. Thanks for letting me know about your new biz!

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