A Buggy Adventure


Camping and being out in the wild woods is something I love and like most people out there, don’t get to do enough. I promised myself that we would take the Little Monkey to the woods this summer. Though we cheated a little by reserving a rustic cabin at Olallie Lake Resort, I’m glad we did because it protected us from the drones of Mosquitos that were out. Our little cabin worked out to be the perfect trial scenario for how real camping or…gasp…even backpacking might go in the future.


What was supposed to be a two night trip to Olallie Lake turned out to be a one nighter due to how buggy it was. I’ve gone there several times before and never had quite this problem but apparently I was there in August or September when the Mosquitos are not as bad.


The owners of Olallie Lake Resort had given The Monkey this handy little net hat which proved to be very useful on the hike. Josh and I didn’t get bit as much as we had expected to but we were also doused with Citronella oil. Despite the bugs, we still managed to get a good little hike in around Monon Lake, which we discovered is still a snowed in and flooded during one leg of the trail. I didn’t mind though…it was fun to put my Chacos to good use and skip through the creeks and shore.



As usual, The Little Monkey was a trooper…or in this case, a happy camper. It was all a good experience but we decided to head home a day early to perhaps head out on a less buggy adventure.